Hello! My name is Sherry. I am a happily married woman and the mother of three beautiful daughters and one handsome son. Life hasn’t always been easy. Trust me when I say I have run into my fair share of bumps and ruts on this road of life. But it has been a very interesting journey. This girl from “the sticks” of rural Arkansas has traveled the world and went from being a high school drop out to a college professor…from a waitress to a bank Vice President. I have been exposed to many different cultures and lifestyles and I have learned a lot of life lessons from these experiences. Despite the odds, I have lived a charmed life.  


“Una ragazza sentimentale” means “a sentimental girl” in Italian. This was a phrase I learned during an Italian class I took while I was planning a trip to Italy with my girlfriend, and it really stuck with me. I believe anything we do should be from a place of love. As Confucius said, “wherever you go, go with all your heart”.

In this blog I will share my stories and advice I give my children as they prepare to leave the nest and start on their own journeys. There will be lots of recipes for creating memorable meals…because I firmly believe the quickest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach and I believe that breaking bread with a person takes a friendship to a whole new level. There will also be relationship advice, travel tips, ideas for home decor and organization and general recommendations for living a charmed life and creating a happy home for you and your loved ones.